Test Facilities

DG does environmental testing only for it’s own products and does not perform environmental services for other companies. DG’s fully integrated in-house electrical and environmental test facilities enable us to design and evaluate both prototype and production units quickly and inexpensively. All test equipment is calibrated to industry standards and meets military requirements.

Antenna Testing

  • 2 anechoic test chambers
  • 2 outdoor test ranges
  • Modern vector network analyzers
  • Network analyzers
  • Mock-ups to test conformal antenna structures

Environmental Testing

Our test chambers are used to perform vibration, shock, acceleration, temperature, humidity, fluids, altitude, and side load testing. Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) testing can also be completed in-house.



Lightning Testing Lab

DG exclusively and only for it’s own products uses our specialized lightning facility to perform comprehensive testing, research, engineering, and evaluation services of direct effects of lightning in such critical areas as:


  • Dielectric testing of insulating material
  • Lightning attachment studies for radomes, wing and empennage tips, canopies, and antenna fairings
  • Our Lightning Engineering Team supports all phases of DG’s product design and manufacturing programs by:
    • – Developing lightning protection solutions during the product design phase
    • – Testing prototypes and new products to ensure reliability and compliance with applicable military and FAA standards


Additionally, we assist in troubleshooting lightning attachment issues encountered on existing aircraft and recommending practical lightning protection solutions.

Lab Capability

Test area: 1200 sq. feet, 30 feet high
Equipment: 2 high voltage Marx impulse generators
3 high current generators designed to generate the waveforms specified in MIL-STD-1757A, RTCA/DO-160G, SAE-AE4L and MIL-B-5087B.