Antennas, Electrostatics, Lightning Protection

Applying experience and innovation to serve aircraft programs worldwide since 1943.

DG, a family-owned business, has more than 75 years of experience in designing, testing and manufacturing antennas, electrostatics and lightning protection products for military, commercial and general aviation aircraft applications. With all operations based in our single location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we combine efficiency with innovation to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

Our product line includes:

  • – Active, passive and conformal antennas
  • – Static dischargers and retainers
  • – Electrostatic test sets
  • – Lightning protection: transtrike diverter strips and lightning arresters


DG’s antennas include off-the-shelf antennas for commercial and military applications, as well as custom and modified designs for specific aircraft programs. As antenna experts, we specialize in a variety of antennas including:
  • - Blade
  • - Low Profile
  • - Conformal and Flush Mounted
  • - Whips
  • - Fixed Wire Systems
  • - Custom Designs
Our antennas span a wide range of frequencies to address standard and emerging technologies and emphasize aerodynamically clean, cost-effective designs. DG’s conformal antennas are at the forefront in technical performance and acceptance. DG's quality products are certified to many TSO, PMA, STC and military specifications. Our in-house testing facilities can be used to perform program-specific testing as needed.


DG has been manufacturing electrostatic protection products longer than any other company and is recognized as the primary supplier of quality static dischargers. DG's dischargers range from the original 1940s DG patented "wicks" used on such vintage aircraft as the DC-3, to the Null Field Ortho-Decoupled Discharger. DG also designs and manufactures Micropoint Dischargers, Carbonpoint Dischargers and our newly developed Composite Dischargers.

DG dischargers offer:

  • - Superior noise quieting capabilities
  • - Long service life
  • - Wide range of speed requirements
  • - Proven effectiveness
  • - Aerodynamic performance
  • - Temperature stability

Our superior DG Null Field Dischargers dissipate static electric charge interference in three ways:

  • - Reduce the voltage level required to initiate corona discharge (intensity reduction).
  • - Provide a path for electrostatic discharge to take place at right angles to antenna fields (orthogonal coupling).
  • - Provide regions of practically zero RF field strength (null field) causing the discharge to take place in these regions (reciprocal field decoupling).

Electrostatic Test Set

Using our own specially manufactured electrostatic test equipment, DG performs Precipitation Static (P-Stat) Testing to identify sources of environmentally produced electrostatic noise interference and then provides proven, practical solutions .

Lightning Protection

To protect sensitive aircraft components from damage due to lightning strikes, DG designs and manufactures numerous proven, state-of-the-art lightning protection products, including:    

Lightning Diverter Segmented Strips

The segmented strips provide multiple heavy strike protection and are RF transparent. Their lower breakdown voltage means superior lightning protection and less likelihood of lightning damage. The strips can be repaired easily and inexpensively in comparison to repairing a damaged radome.

Strikeguard Lightning Diverter Tape

The diverter tape is a flexible substrate with strong adhesive backing designed for low speed aircraft. Strikeguard diverts streamers and strikes to appropriate positions on aircraft and can withstand multiple strikes. It is similar to the segmented strips but is easier to install and replace.  

HF Lightning Arresters

The HF lightning arrester is designed to provide the most reliable protection available, protecting an HF radio from lightning that attaches to the antenna.  

Adjustable Spark Gap Lightning Arrester

The spark gap is designed as a protection device to shunt lightning currents to ground, thus preventing high voltages and currents from damaging radio equipment. The spark gap is adjustable for a range of breakdown voltages.      

Lightning Protection Kits

The kit provides lightning protection and p-static dissipation to the winglet and the end cap. The kits improve the overall lightning protection for the aircraft and minimize the cost of downtime repairs.