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DG’s Antennas include off-the-shelf Antennas for commercial and military applications, as well as custom and modified designs for specific aircraft programs. As Antenna experts, we specialize in a variety of Antennas: • Blade • Low Profile • Conformal • Flush Mounted • Whips • Fixed Wire Systems. Our Antennas span a wide range of frequencies to address standard and emerging technologies, and all emphasize aerodynamically clean cost-effective designs. DG’s conformal Antennas are leaders in technical performance and acceptance. DG's quality products are certified to many TSO, PMA, STC, and Military Specifications. Our in-house testing facilities can be used to perform program-specific testing as needed.


WNW10-837-( ) WNW/SRW Antenna
Part number:WNW10-837
225-512 MHz, 1350-1850 MHz
WNW10-799 WNW Blade Antenna
Part number:WNW10-799
375-2500 MHz
VUL40-421 Diplexer VHF/UHF/L-Band
Part number:VUL40-421
30 – 400 MHz 950 – 1220 MHz
VUL10-701 9.5" Blade Antenna
Part number:VUL10-701
30-512 MHz 760-1850 MHz
VT10-768 VOR-NAV Antenna
Part number:VT10-768
108-118 MHz, 329-335 MHz
VT10-767-( ) Antenna VOR/LOC Glideslope System
Part number:VT10-767-( )
108-118 MHz; 328.6-335.4 MHZ
VT10-02 Antenna VOR/LOC/Glide Slope System
Part number:VT10-02
108-118 MHz; 329-336 MHz
VL10-856 Antenna VHF Comm
Part number:VL10-856
116-156 MHz; 960-1220 MHz
VHF10-829-2 Antenna VHF
Part number:VHF10-829-2
118-152 MHz
VHF10-829-( ) Antenna VHF
Part number:VHF10-829-1
118-152 MHz

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