Our Lightning Engineering Team supports all phases of DG’s product design and manufacturing programs.

DG’s fully integrated in-house electrical and environmental test facilities enable us to design and evaluate both prototype and production units quickly and inexpensively. All test equipment is calibrated to industry standards and meets military requirements, testing only on our own products.


Inside look of our Autoclave.

DG uses this facility to provide comprehensive testing, research, engineering and evaluation services regarding lightning direct effects. The largest radome tested to date has been a DC-10 nose radome.

A Computer processes and records the antenna placed in our Anechoic Chamber to provide a detailed analysis of performance.

Antenna Testing

Our test facilities include two outdoor Antenna test ranges and one rectangular anechoic chamber, as well as lightning direct effects, dynamics, and climatic labs. DG’s facility is also capable of supporting full-scale mock-up testing of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft sections.

  • 2 anechoic test chambers
  • 2 outdoor test ranges
  • Modern VNA
  • Mock-ups to test conformal antenna structures

Lightning Test at DG Facility

Environmental Testing

DG can conduct many environmental tests at our in-house Climatics and Dynamics Lab. This saves the time and additional costs associated with outsourcing to another lab facility whenever a DG product is in any of the following phases: • Initial Environmental Confidence Testing (during the design) • Pre-qualification Robustness Testing • Final Environmental Qualification

DG can conduct in-house environmental tests any time we have the need to subject our products to the extremes specified in aviation standards DO-160 + MIL-STD-810. Environmental tests include:

  • Low Temperature (Both Ground Survival and Operating Extremes)
  • High Temperature (Both Ground Survival and Operating Extremes)
  • Altitude
  • Temperature Variation
  • Vibration (Sine, Random, Sine on Random)
  • Humidity
  • Fluids Susceptibility
  • Salt Fog
  • Classic Shock
  • Icing
  • Side Load
  • Static Load

Lightning Test
lab spec

Test area

1200 sq. feet, 30 feet high


2 High Voltage Marx impulse generators. 3 High Current generators designed to generate the waveforms specified in MIL-STD-1757A, RTCA/DO-160G, SAE-AE4L and MIL-B-5087B.



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