• “One of my top suppliers for Antenna and RF product needs. DG has provided years of support for me on antenna and lightning design efforts. Their professional and courteous team is always there to lend quick support and rapid design, prototyping and testing. They are a pleasure to work with and provide top quality parts and service.”

    Pete C., OEM Antenna Systems Engineer

  • “Everything from the technical side to hospitality when I went over to Dayton Granger was amazing. Thank you again for working with us and I look forward to working with Dayton Granger again in the future.”

    Albert L., Principal Engineer

  • “Dayton Granger continues to be an excellent performing key supplier on the EA-18G program in all categories. Your performance as a teammate reflects positively on our team in the eyes of our top customers. We thank you for your professionalism, consistent quality products delivered on or ahead of schedule 100% of the time, and outstanding customer service and support.”

    Bill P., Electrical Engineer

  • “[The people at DG] are VERY prompt and efficient with my inquires and request. And I can speak for my Sales colleagues as well: We all think you are The Bomb.Com.”

    Amber E., Customer

  • “The delivery time and customer service have been excellent. I work directly [with DG] and their response to quotes and service has been outstanding. [DG’s] professionalism and work ethic is amazing. The relationship we have built to meet each company's needs has worked extremely well.”

    Robert M., Customer

  • “Dayton-Granger is a very good company to work with and it makes my job easier to know that I will receive quality parts delivered on time.”

    Luis C., Customer

  • “DG provides an excellent service to our company. Our answers are timely and accurate, reports are sent in on time every time with perfect narratives. Can't ask for better and wish all my suppliers were as good. Thank you for all your efforts.”

    Lisa K., Customer

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