Engineering Services

DG’s team of engineers and technicians provide product design, modification, and integration services for all phases of an aircraft program, from requirements definition through systems demonstration and subsequent production. Our design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to readily modify existing products and develop new products that satisfy applicable technical performance, quality, and business objectives. Our team also supports design reviews and program management requirements, as well as qualification testing and product improvement projects.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Product design for antennas conformal, blade and whip, electrostatic protection with static dischargers, ES test sets, ES window protection, etc. and lightning protection with radome diverter trips, antenna lightning arrestors, etc.
  • Composites design and manufacture for conformal antennas and radomes
  • Environmental testing to DO-160 and various MIL-SPECs
  • Electrical performance testing, simulation, and analysis

Environmental Testing

DG exclusively for our own products uses our in-house environmental test equipment to qualify our products in accordance with applicable aircraft specifications (DO-160 and/or MIL-SPECs) and operating environments.


Tests performed may include:

  • High-Low Temperature
  • Shock
  • Vibration
  • Humidity
  • Lightning effects
  • Altitude

Precipitation Static (P-Static) Testing

P-static in the aircraft’s operating environment can impede the aircraft’s communications operations. Through years of research and product development, DG has become expert in detecting precipitation static and implementing solutions for the radio frequency (RF) inference. We offer diagnostic tools and services, along with products and recommended methods for eliminating P-static on the aircraft as described below.


  • Testing – On site P-static diagnostic testing performed by DG technical support staff. Test sets, available for purchase or rental, for ongoing requirements.
  • Training – On site training in the use of DG’s P-Static Test Set. On-site training in detecting and addressing P-static issues.
  • Products – Static Dischargers and retainers, custom winglets, specialized coatings.