So you’ve purchased one of our Antennas and need help installing- please refer to our General Installation Instructions below to help you do so.

Please note: Antennas should be installed on the aircraft in a manner of consistent and acceptable workmanship standards, engineering practices and in accordance with the following instructions.

Step 1.

Select a location clear of other antennas and in a location to obtain optimum line of sight from the antenna in all directions (no blockage).

Step 2.

Provide mounting holes, doubler plates and hardware to ensure a structurally sound antenna installation.

Step 3.

Apply a solvent or stripper to remove all paint within the outline of the antenna on the aircraft; then sand the area with 400- to 600-grit sandpaper. Make sure all foreign material is removed and the area is wiped clean. Apply Alodine to the aircraft surface.

Step 4.

Install gasket between the aircraft surface area and antenna base. The use of an approved sealant is recommended.

Step 5.

Connect the cable to the antenna connector and secure antenna to the aircraft using appropriate mounting hardware.

Step 6.

Remove excess sealant, but be sure that there is a fillet around the entire edge of mounting base to avoid moisture intrustion.

Step 7.

Measure bond resistance with a milliohm meter, taking the reading between a mounting screw and ground of the aircraft close to the antenna. A resistance not to exceed 2.5 milliohms is required to meet lightning protection requirements and to ensure the antenna radiation patterns are in the direction that the antenna was designed for.

Step 8.

To ensure the system has been properly installed on the aircraft, the installer should make a thorough visual inspection and conduct an overall operational and functional check of the system on the ground prior to flight.

For any further questions regarding the install of our Antennas, please give us a call at 954-463-3451 and a member of our team will gladly assist.