540685-( ) Conductive Antenna Gaskets

Part Number: 540685, 540685-1, 540685-2, 540685-3, 540685-4, 540685-5, 540685-6, 540685-7

Dayton-Granger’s Conductive “Ultra-Seal” Antenna Gasket is a two-part kit (available in 1-ounce, 2-ounce, and 6-ounce kits) that is loaded with miniature aluminum balls. The bottom of the antenna is coated with the aluminum ball loaded elastomeric epoxy and the antenna is then mounted to the aircraft. The aluminum balls bridge the gap between the aluminum antenna baseplate and the aluminum aircraft skin. Since the balls are manufactured from the same aluminum alloy as the aircraft skin and the baseplate of the antenna, corrosion due to dissimilar metals is eliminated. The elastomeric seals the interface from water entry and forms a fillet around the circumference of the antenna base. The low peel strength of the elastomeric allows easy removal of the antenna without the use of mold releases or other release agents. This technique allows the stocking of one kit type to meet all antenna mounting gasket requirements and provides a superior long life RF interface, free from corrosion.


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