14488 RF Transparent Lightning Diverter Rod

Part Number: 14488

P/N 14488 and P/N 1415 are diverter rods are used to divert lightning from sensitive antenna and dielectric structures to the aircraft surface. A portion of the diverter is fiberglass which is coated with a graded electrically conductive resistance coating and is black. The coating is easily abraded and must therefore be protected. The first protective coating, sprayed directly on the resistance coating, is a red pigmented epoxy base coating. The outer coating, grey in color, is also an epoxy base coating. When the grey coating has eroded to the point of where the red coating is visible, the rod must again be sprayed with the grey outer coating. In this way, the red coating serves as a maintenance indicator. In event the inner black resistance coating is exposed or otherwise damaged, the diverter should be replaced and either scrapped or returned to the manufacturer for repair. The fire-orange paint was added to effect improved visibility and thereby reduce personnel hazard.


Type : RF
Height (in) : 34.5 ± .250

Product Info

General properties

Type : R
Height (in) : 3

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