16180-( ) Strikeguard Lightning Diverter Tape

Part Number: 16180

Transparent to RF
Multiple Lightning Strike Capability
DC Open-circuit
Field Repairable
Flexible Tape Substrate
Easily Attached to Fiberglass Surfaces
Countours to Curved Surfaces
Low-drag Flush Mounting
Available in Continuous Lengths (Up to 200’)
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing
Low-noise (unaffected by cracks or gaps in tape)
Low-maintenance cost
Tested at Lightning and Transients Research Institute to 200,000 Amp
When lightning attaches to aircraft, radomes, or other unprotected fiberglass areas, significant damage can result to on- board antennas and electronic equipment housed within the unprotected fiberglass housing. Induced voltages in cables can cause significant damage to electronic equipment located in remote areas of the aircraft.


  • 16180-10 10 feet
    16180-25 25 feet
    16180-50 50 feet
    16180-100 100 feet
    16180-250 250 feet
    16180-300 300 feet

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