17245 Adjustable Spark Gap

Part Number: 17245

The Adjustable Spark Gap, DG PN 17245-( ), is designed as a protection device to shunt lightning currents to ground, thus preventing high voltages and currents from damaging radio equipment. The Gap is adjustable from a breakdown voltage of 3 kV to 18 kV, by adjusting the screwdriver slug that is positioned inside the corona ball. The lock nuts under the corona ball must be loosened prior to adjusting the Spark Gap. The 17245 is factory adjusted one revolution out from the point of contact with the ground terminal, which represents a breakdown voltage of 5 kV ± 0.5 kV, while the 17245-1 is factory adjusted to a breakdown voltage of 3 kV ± 0.5 kV.


Type : HF
Ionization (KV) : 5 kV ± 0.5 kV
Height (in) : 4.49
Color : Unpainted

Product Info

General properties

Type : H
Ionization (KV) : 5
Height (in) : 4
Color : U

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