DSC740072 Lightning Protection Kit

Part Number: DSC740072

PN DSC740072 is the overall aircraft lightning protection kit for the CRJ700/900 winglets and horizontal end caps. It consists of left winglet, right winglet, left horizontal end cap, and right horizontal end cap kits.

The kits are attached to the trailing edge and grounded to the airframe. The kits consist of aluminum strips with DG PN 16920-2 null-strike static dischargers strategically positioned to intercept ensuing lightning strikes and divert them to the aluminum strips.

Component Parts: 

  • DSC740071-2 (Right Winglet)
  • DSC740071-1 (Left Winglet)
  • DSC740078-2 (Right End Cap)
  • DSC740078-1 (Left End Cap)

Lightning Specification: RTCA/DO-160D, Section 23 (Direct Effects) FAA FAR 25.581


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