EDTS10-843-( ) Electrostatic Test Set

Part Number: EDTS10-843

Electrostatic Diagnostic Test Set & Test Probe Attachments – The EDTS10-843-( ) is a light-weight test instrument with advanced design features. It does not require insulating blocks under the aircraft and has three specialized probe attachments. This test instrument can simulate streamering current noise, sparking noise, and corona noise. This allows any electrostatic problems to be identified so that corrective measures can be then taken to eliminate the sources of noise on the aircraft.

Accessories and Options

  • EDTS14-843 (Options Kit) ; includes PM10-843 (Probe Meter), BJA14-843 (Knuckle), 16895 (Anti-static Spray), 660410 (Plug Adaptor), M14-887 (Megommeter), DM14-843 (Milli-ohm Meter), DS14-843 (Discharger Replacement for Ion Streamer)



  • EDTS10-843-1 220-50 Kilo-Volts
  • EDTS10-843-2 100-50 Kilo-Volts

Product Features

Test Instrument designed to electrically charge aircraft on the ground to simulate the precipitation static charging phenomena which aircraft encounter during flight.


  • Input Voltage 120 VAC (50-60 Hz)
    Output Voltage 0 to 50 kV DC (±2%)
    Current Limiting 200 Microamperes
    Power Consumption 75 Watts max
  • Light-weight Unit (Under 75lbs)

Product Info

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