EDTS14-843 Optional Accessories for EDTS

Part Number: EDTS14-843 AT

DG Probe Meter PN PM10-843
The PM10-843 Probe Meter is a micro-amp meter with a scale of 0-200 μA. It is designed to be installed on the probe assembly of the DG Electrostatic Diagnostic Test Sets (PN EDTS10-843 and PN EDTS10-843-1) to measure the charging current.

DG Micro-point Low-Noise Discharger PN DS14-843
The DS14-843 is a micro-point low-noise discharger, which offers a noise quieting of 30+ dB. It is a replacement part for the Ion Streamer, which is one of the probe attachments of the DG Electrostatic Diagnostic Test Set.

DG Anti-static Spray Agent PN 16895
The 16895 DG Anti-static Spray Agent is a transparent, highly-resistive, temporary coating that is used on insulating surfaces such as radomes, windshields, fiberglass wingtips, and antennas to prevent streamering noise in precipitation static conditions. The film provides a high-resistance bleed path for the insulating surfaces. It usually remains effective for up to 10 flights, at which time the windshield and/or structure should be retreated with the spray. Each bottle contains 4 ounces, which is enough anti-static agent for approximately 40 applications on a standard windshield.

DG Knuckle PN BJA14-843
The BJA14-843 is a DG Adapter that is intended to be installed between the end of the test probe and either the Ion Streamer or the Collector Dish. It is designed to allow the individual performing the Electrostatic Diagnostic Test to have the option of rotating the Ion Streamer or Collector Dish for ease of access to certain parts of the aircraft that could become cumbersome to reach during the test. The Adapter can be adjusted a full 180°. It may be used with or without the Probe Meter.

DG Plug Adapter PN 660410
The 660410 is a DG Plug Adapter intended to be placed at the tip of carbon-point dischargers for which a measurement of the DC resistance is desired. Its main purpose is to create a better connection between the meter leads and the discharger tip.


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