LA60-870-1 Adjustable Spark Gap

Part Number: LA60-870-1

The DG PN LA60-870-1 Spark Gap Lightning Arrester is designed as a protection device to shunt lightning currents to ground, thus preventing high voltages and currents from damaging radio equipment. The Spark Gap is a hermetically-sealed unit designed to be installed near the antenna base and in parallel with the antenna. This unit is a ruggedized version of DG PN 17245 Adjustable Spark Gap.


Type : HF
Resistance (Megaohm / feet) : Insulation Resistance: >1000 MΩ
Ionization (KV) : DC Spark-over Voltage: 2.0 kV ± 20%

Product Info

General properties

Type : H
Resistance (Megaohm / feet) : I
Ionization (KV) : D

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