LA60-896 Arrester Lightning

Part Number: LA60-896

The LA60-896 provides the most reliable lightning protection available for HF antenna systems. The unit consists of a series, isolating capacitor that blocks approximately 99.9% of the lightning energy from entering radio and other avionics receivers. The series capacitor isolates the receiver from the lightning voltage while the spark-gap shunts the lightning current to airframe ground. The spark-gap is factory set at 9.0 kV. The unit withstands multiple lightning strikes, has a 12-strike capability, and meets the requirements of MIL-A-9094C.


Type : HF
Resistance (Megaohm / feet) : Series Bleed Resistance 1 MΩ +50%/-15%
Ionization (KV) : Spark-gap Voltage 10 kV ± 10% ; DC Withstand Voltage 26 kV DC
Height (in) : 11.0
Color : Aluminum

Product Info

General properties

Type : H
Resistance (Megaohm / feet) : S
Ionization (KV) : S
Height (in) : 1
Color : A

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